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How To Lead if You Want to Fail: The 5 Most Common & Costly Leadership Blunders

About this Seminar

Even if we never wear a leadership title, we all influence thousands of people during our lives. At its core, leadership is about influence. From seemingly insignificant personal decisions, to major, strategic judgements, on one level or another, each one of us is in the influencing business. As dental professionals, whether or not we wear a leadership title, such as manager or employer, does not dictate our ability to influence and control our own fulfillment.

Working through an understanding that leadership can be summarized as positive influence, William clarifies the five nonnegotiable responsibilities that leaders have to those within their sphere of influence and how once mastered, momentum begins to build. This two hour session, presented with a creative spin, will clearly highlight how to prioritize the five essentials and separate winning actions from busyness, destructive interactions, ineffective habits and distractions.

With an understanding of the most common leadership pitfalls and how to avoid them, participants can then easily attain personal satisfaction as well as contribute to workplace health, unity and success. Since the seeds for work culture are planted at the leadership level, creating a work culture that situates everyone to win cannot be taken lightly. There is no need to second guess what effective leaders do differently than struggling leaders. This information-rich session clarifies how to tap into the joys of leadership.

Whether a titled leader (employer or office manager), or an employee (associate dentist, hygienist, assistant or front end staff) concerned with elevating their level of positive influence, this session is sure to challenge your view on what constitutes an effective leader.


Bill Nippard

About Bill Nippard

With 31 years of dental hygiene service, Bill is currently a premier speaker and authority on job satisfaction, leadership and teamwork.

For 20 years, Nippard has captivated staffs and audiences at national conventions, businesses, professional groups, government, and non-profits with his motivational and insightful knowledge on how to maximize job satisfaction and work with others for maximum, mutual success.

His international top-selling book, The Teamwork Ladder: 8 Steps to MAXIMUM Success has helped employees and employers around the world discover their unique blueprint for heightened job fulfillment and personal happiness. Bill’s new book, I Hate My Job: The Cure For the Nine-Five Syndrome is due to be released this fall.

For more than a decade, he has been involved in international humanitarian efforts to provide homes, food and shelter to victims of extreme poverty. His leadership work has been published in numerous magazines and he is the recipient of numerous awards including, Dalhousie’s Outstanding Alumni Award, NLDHA’s Distinguished Service Award and the Building a Better World Foundation Award.

  • Location Virtual
  • Date 2020 November 20
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 10:30 am
  • Category 2
  • Credit hours 1.5
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