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About this Seminar

Learn how to use injection molding to create infinity edge margins and mirror-smooth restorations. Anatomic Bioclear™ matrices are one of the great advancements in composite dentistry in recent years – and the method keeps evolving! This technique of composite placement allows the clinician to perform conservative, additive only dentistry resulting in strength, durability and esthetics.

Learning objectives:

- Learn how the process allows us to create monolithic restorations directly in the mouth.

- Learn how to solve anterior esthetic dilemmas such as the anterior diastema, black triangle and peg lateral.

-Learn how to achieve the 3 step  "Rock Star Polish” for your restorations.


Dr Taras Konanec

About Dr Taras Konanec

Dr. Taras Konanec graduated in 1997 and is presently co-owner of Drummond Dental Group in downtown Montreal where he practices full time. Dr. Konanec has always been passionately involved in teaching and continuing education. He is presently an assistant professor in his 23nd year lecturing at McGill University Faculty of Dentistry in both the  departments of Operative Dentistry and Practice Management. He is the 2018 recipient of McGill Faculty's Ralph Silverstone Teaching Award.

Dr. Konanec's passions lie in minimally invasive dentistry techniques enhanced by the use the  dental operating microscope in daily practice. He incorporates principles of Biomimetic Dentistry into his practice and teachings. As a member of the Richard V. Tucker study club, he is an ardent fan of the use of cast gold in the posterior area, he still speaks to his patients about it's long term benefits.

Dr Konanec focuses on the use of the Bioclear Method to restore the esthetic dilemas of black triangles and diastemas  in the anterior teeth. Dr Konanec  is certified at all three levels from the Bioclear Learning Center in Tacoma, Washington and has been teaching the Bioclear Method for over 6 years now.

  • Location Salon C
  • Date 2022 June 04
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 12:00 pm
  • Category 1
  • Credit hours 3
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