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Developing Practice Growth & Sustaining it

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Category 2

Recent studies suggest that a falling population/dentist ratio over the next 10 years will dramatically affect the success of many practices. As the costs of running a dental practice continue to rise, this decrease in patient flow will mean the number of practices characterized as "not busy" will increase, and overall profitability will decline.


  1. The challenges facing today’s typical dental office
  2. New Patients in the new millennium
  3. Developing efficiencies and Maximizing Opportunities
  4. Understanding everyone’s role & developing protocols.


Bob Hope

About Bob Hope

Bob Hope, for 30 years has been providing dental offices across North America with management solutions and energetic ways to deliver exceptional quality care to patients. A Bachelor of Arts graduate from the University of Manitoba, he guided the direction of the Autopia practice management software throughout the 1990’s and gained insights into the ways team members integrate technology with the delivery of dentistry.

In 2004, he was retained by the Toronto College of Dental Hygienists to develop and instruct a first semester course on improved Communication Skills, and then for the second semester, a course on an Introduction to Psycho-Social Skills. For five years, Bob taught and inspired hundreds of Dental Hygiene students.

In 2005, he established his own Consulting firm combining his enthusiasm with a contagious passion to strive for nothing short of extraordinary results.

  • Location
  • Date 2018 June 02
  • Start time 9:00 am
  • End time 12:00 pm
  • Category 2
  • Credit hours 3
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