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Pharmacologic Management of the Geriatric Patient: Practice Considerations for Oral Health Care Professionals

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The purpose of this course is to review characteristics and disease trends among the aging population, and oral disease risks associated with medications and common systemic diseases. Most patients take multiple medications, many of which have oral complications and drug interactions of significance to dentistry.  Medication therapies, oral drug and disease complications, drug interactions and dental practice management considerations will be discussed. Recommendations for treatment modifications and oral hygiene self-care programs will be provided.


Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD, FSCDH

About Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD, FSCDH

Ann Eshenaur Spolarich, RDH, PhD, FSCDH is an internationally recognized author and speaker on pharmacology and the care of medically complex patients. She has presented over 900 lectures and has over 100 professional publications. She is Professor, Course Director of Clinical Medicine and Pharmacology, and Director of Research at the Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health, where she also teaches part-time in the Special Care Clinic. Ann also serves as Associate Director of the National Center for Dental Hygiene Research & Practice. Ann received fellowship status in special care dental hygiene awarded by the Special Care Dentistry Association in 2016.

  • Location
  • Date 2018 May 31
  • Start time 1:00 pm
  • End time 4:00 pm
  • Category 1
  • Credit hours 3
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