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The Empowered Patient: Building a patient-centric practice in a Yelp era

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Imagine your patients as they consider their oral health. They have likely already sought out information on their own – 60% of Canadians pro-actively seek out health information on the internet or their peers before getting help from a health professional. Once they walk into your practice, there are other factors that may influence your patients’ decisions. Most likely they are greeted at the front desk by staff, and then perhaps speak with a dental assistant or dental hygienist. They may even chat with another patient.

Multiple interactions can happen before they see you, their dentist. The sum of those interactions reflects your team’s organizational culture and, therefore, who you are as a health care provider.


Warren Weeks

Marketing and Communications Coach


About Warren Weeks

Marketing and Communications Coach

Warren Weeks sold his first newspaper to his grandmother at the age of five. He was Wayne Gretzky’s PR handler for a day in 1998. In 2010, he started the social media campaign to get former NHL coach Pat Burns into the Hockey Hall of Fame. And over the past two decades, he has become one of Canada’s most trusted marketing and communications coaches. He has worked with hundreds of companies, helping them take greater control over their media interviews and improve the quality of their presentations and communications.

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  • Date 2018 June 02
  • Start time 1:00 pm
  • End time 4:00 pm
  • Category 2
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